1.5-1.8t Diesel Forklift

Robust and Reliable Diesel Engine

• Ergonomically design

• Wide-view Mast and Container Mast for Choice

• Fully Integrated Frame and Suspension Chassis

• Excellent Cooling System and Heat Releasing System

• Easy to maintain and repair

• Lower Gravity

• Emergency Stop Switch

• Multiple Option Available for Choice

• XCMG  Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift provide you with multiple choice as per your real need,we have different reliable engines for choice.All these engine have been tested that they can be trusted through all kinds of tough working condition and get recognition from millions of client across the worldwide.

• These engines are specifically designed for the forklift use,with low fuel consumption,less noise and vibration,all these features improve the whole performance of the forklift.

High efficiency is also delivered through the performance of the axles,the excellent brake system make sure the forklift operate with safety,the steering axle provide prompt and precise feedback to the driver when steering.

• The operator cabin is reasonable-designed considering its space,layout of the steering column and instrument displayer,file storage,suspension seat.The wide-view mast provide the operator with a wide visibility,improve the efficiency and guarantee the safety.

• Because of the reasonable layout of engine,transmission,axle,counterbalance and chassis,the whole truck is with low gravity,this feature guarantee the stability and driving safety of the forklift.

Power Type Diesel
Rated Load Capacity Q(kg) 1500 1800 1500 1800 1500 1800
Load Centre C(mm) 500
Rated Lift Height H3(mm) 3000
Free Lift Height H2(mm) 100
Fork Size (L×W×T) mm 920×120×35 1070×120×40 920×120×35 1070×120×40 920×120×35 1070×120×40
Mast Tilt Angle (F/R, α°/β°) deg 6°/12°
Fork Overhang (Wheel Center to Fork Face) X1(mm) 409
Rear Overhang X2(mm) 470 470 470 470 470 470
Ground Clearance (Bottom of Mast) H7(mm) 110
Length to Face of Fork (Without Fork) L1(mm) 2285 2285 2285 2285 2285 2285
Overall Width B1(mm) 1082
Mast Lowered Height H1(mm) 2025
Mast Extended Height (With Backrest) H4(mm) 4055
Overhead Guard Height H5(mm) 2160
Travel Speed (No Load) km/h 14.5
Lifting Speed (Full Load) mm/sec 560
Lowering Speed  (Full Load) mm/sec 450
Engine Model NC485BPG C240NKFC-01 4TNE92 (EuⅢ & EPAⅢ)
Engine Manufacturer  XINCHAI  ISUZU YANMAR
Rated Output / r.p.m. kw 30/2600 34.5/2500 33/2450
Rated Torque / r.p.m. N·m 131/1800 139/1800 150/1600