1.5-3.0TElectric Pallet Truck

With battery indicator, key switch and emergency off button. Confirms to DIN EN 1726-1 requirements

· Compact design with heavy-duty loading capacity of 2000kg and 2500kg, easy to move in the most confined spaces and narrow aisles such as retail stores, small warehouses and factories.

· Electrical driving and lifting offers a huge advantage over hand pallet trucks operated manually, its quicker and effortless during loading/unloading transport operations.

· Optional AC or DC system for different applications.

· Optional built-in or external charger.

· Optional rider’s platform is highly advantageous for large warehouses and long distance transport tasks, foldable side guards offers additional driver safety and comfort.

· Come with maintenance free 240AH battery for most demanding applications

· Curtis controller for smooth and responsive control of driving and reverse speeds.

· Easy lift and lower control via push buttons on the control handle.

Type Unit PT15 PT15-AZ1 PT20-AZ1 PT25-AZ1 PT30-AZ1
 Feature Load capacity Q(kg) 1500 1500 2000 2500 3000
Load center C(mm) 600
Wheel base Y(mm) 1284/1345 1234 1493
Operating type Walkie Walkie/Stand On
Demension Min.fork lowered height H1(mm) 85
Max.fork lifting height H(mm) 195 205
Max.lifting height H2(mm) 110 120
Fork size(length/width/thickness) LxWxT(mm) 1150(1200)/160/44 1150(1200)/185/55
Min.Turning radius Wa(mm) 1510 1400 1746/2158
Min.Aisle width for pallets 800×1200,Pedal fold/unfold Ast(mm) 1960 1850 2175/2585
Min.Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200,Pedal fold/unfold Ast(mm) 1960 1850 2175/2585
Overall length L1(mm) 1626 1630 1916/2333
Overall width B(mm) 560/685 724 790
overall hight(with handle/without handle) H4(mm) 1190/710 685/1220 1455/845
Outside with between legs B1(mm) 560/685 540/600/685 550/600/685
Wheels Wheel type PU
Wheel quantity Driving wheel/Balance wheel/Bearing wheel 1/0/4 1/2/4
Driving wheel mm φ252×67 φ248×75
Balance wheel mm φ99.5×40 φ115×55
Bearing wheel mm φ80×58(Double wheel) φ80×80(Double wheel)
Electrical configuration Brake  Electomagnetic/Regenerative
Drive motor/Lift motor/Steering motor kw DC0.63/DC0.8/0 AC1.5/DC2.0/DC0.15
Battery voltage V 24
Battery capacity Ah 70 240
Controller CURTIS
Weight Battery weight kg 48 252
Service weight with battery kg 275 285 840