1.5t Double Reach Truck

• Full AC System

• OPS System (Sit-in type)

• EPS Steering System

• Electromagnetic Braking system

• Lower Energy Consumption

• Easy-to-read operator display

• Assistance System to fit in your specific working condition

Ergonomic design and high performance supported by innovative technology help XCMG reach trucks become the   perfect solution for various application. Whether use in operating in pallet, drive-through or drive-in racking.

Whether for narrow areas or low clearances.XCMG  reach truck will always be your good assistant in stacking.

Manufacturer XCMG
Model FBK15-AZ1
Power  Battery
Operation  Sit-on
Rated Load Capacity Q (kg) 1500
Load Centre C (mm) 500
Lift Height H3 (mm) 5000
Free Lift H2 (mm) 200
Fork Size (L×W×T) L/W/T(mm) 920×120×35
F/B(α°/β°) Deg 3°/5°
Length (To Fork Face) L1 (mm) 2752
Width B1 (mm) 1450
Mast Lowered Height H1 (mm) 2600
Mast Extended Height (With Backrest) H4 (mm) 6045
Overhead Guard Height H5 (mm) 2205
Turning Radius Wa (mm) 2070
Ground Clearance H6 (mm) 50
Fork Carriage Reach Distance X(mm) 920
Wheelbase Y (mm) 1750
Front Tread B2 (mm) 1300
Working Aisle Width With Pallet (1000×1200,1200 Lengthways) Ast (mm) 3250
Working Aisle Width With Pallet (800×1200,800 Lengthways) Ast (mm) 3325
Working Aisle Width With Pallet(Empty) Ast (mm) 3055
Travel Speed (Full Load) km/h 9.0
Travel Speed (No Load) km/h 9.5
Lifting Speed (Full Load) mm/s 240
Lifting Speed (No Load) mm/s 360
Total Weight (Contains the battery) Kg 4250
Battery Weight Kg 756
Front Tyre×2 (Polyurethane) 125x75x4
Rear Tyre×1 (Polyurethane) 343×135
Diver Motor Kw 6
Pump Motor Kw 11
Battery (Standard) V/Ah 48/420
Steering System  Electronic Power steer
Service Brake  Electromagnetic
Controller  Type AC
Controller Manufacturer ZAPI
Operating Pressure Mpa 16