All-terrain Crane QAY300

QAY300 adopts 7-axle chassis, 5-axle steering, 4-axle drive, elliptic section jib, and single-cylinder no-rope automatic stretch and retract, having strong lifting performance. Through the application of the fieldbus technique, the computer integration control technique makes the product failure diagnosis highly intelligent, and makes the control highly automatic. The mature application of limit load in accordance with the power makes the machine energy efficient, low noisy, environmental friendly, and safe. The variable-rigidity air and hydraulic suspension technique makes the machine comfortable to drive and have good stability and longitudinal trafficability.
The additional equipment of the machine includes super-lift device, luffing jib, and fixed lengthening jib, which increase the lifting performance and working scope in an unimaginable proportion. The working radius and lifting height are respectively up to 86m and 116m.
Dimension Unit QAY300
Overall length mm 18210
Overall width mm
Overall height mm 4000
Total weight in travel kg 79680
Front axle load (axle 1, 2, 3) kg 11625
Rear axle load (axle 4, 5, 6, 7) kg 11201
Engine model TAD722VE
Engine rated power kW/(r/min) 194/2100
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min) 2700/1080
Max. travel speed km/h 75
Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. ground clearance mm
Approach angle ° 19
Departure angle ° 19
Max. gradeability % 40
Oil consumption per 100km L
Main performance
Max. rated total lifting capacity t 300
Min. rated  radius mm
Turning radius at turntable tail m
Max. lifting torque kN.m 9526
Base boom m
Fully extended boom m
Fully extended boom + jib m
Outrigger longitudinal distance m 8.7
Outrigger transverse distance m 9.2
Working speed
Boom luffing time s
Boom full stretching time s
Max. swing speed r/min
Max. speed of main winch (single rope) (no load) m/min
Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope) (no load) m/min