All-terrain Crane XCA220

Developed for both domestic and international markets, XCA 220 all-terrain crane has an extensive applicability, and is widely suitable for lifting and installation operations in oil field construction, wharf building, bridge erection, etc.

With a 7-section elliptical boom extendable in the 13.4-73m range, an infinite luffing trussed jib extendable to 44 meters (incl. an 8-m-long additional section) and supported by 10x8x10 H-shaped triggers, the 5-axle chassis-mounted crane has an effective reach of as large as 108.2 meters. In addition, the twin independent winch layout, the modular balance weights and the new-type energy-efficient hydraulic system also make it stand out from its industry peers.

Its main performance characteristics are listed as follows:

1. A larger lifting height of up to 108 meters and a larger lifting capacity;

2. A single engine system of higher power and a maximum gradeability of 67%;

3. The design for efficient site transfer makes easy shifting with mounted balance weights to nearby workplaces.

4. The new-type energy-efficient hydraulic system contributes to a lower fuel consumption rate, a higher micro-motion performance and a better maneuverability;

5. The innovative application of intelligent boom technologies based on disruptive concepts of crane maneuverability delivers a comfortable experience of intelligent operation;

6. The World-leading intelligently-controlled crane traveling system and the optimal integrated control technique reduce the excessive wearing in the braking system during a long downhill journey, and thus extend its service life;

7. The industry-leading HMI system of sedan-class technical sophistication makes operation easier and quicker;

8. The new-type styling and user-friendly design make driving and operation more convenient.


More Intelligent

More Cost Efficient

More User-friendly

Industry-Leading in Performance

Items Unit Parameters
Parameter items XCA220
Full length of complete machine (mm) 15500
Full width of complete machine (mm) 2980
Overall height of complete machine (mm) 3930
Axle base (mm) 2650+1650+2500+1650
Wheel track (mm) 2590
Total mass before driving (kg) 55000
Axle load (kg) 12000×3+9500×2
Engine model (upper) OM460LA.E3B/3
Rated power of engine (kw/(r/min)) 361.1/1800
Rated torque of engine (N.m/(r/min)) 2200/1300
Engine model (lower)
Rated power of engine (kw/(r/min))
Rated torque of engine (N.m/(r/min))
Driving parameters
Maximum running speed (km/h) 84
Minimum stable running speed (km/h) 1~1.5
Minimum turning diameter (m) 18.5
Minimum turning diameter of jib nose (m) 22.5
Maximum gradeability (%) 67
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 280
Approach angle (°) 18
Departure angle (°) 14
Braking length (dry and flat asphalt or concrete road surface, speed: 30km/h ) (m) ≤9
Fuel Consumption per 100-kilometer (L) 65
Major performance parameters
Maximum gradeability (%) 67
Maximum total lifting weight (t) 220
Minimum rated radius (m) 3
Maximum lifting moment of basic jib (kN·m) 7393
Turning radius of rotary table tail (mm) 5030
Landing legs
Longitudinal (m) 8.89
Transverse (half stretching) (m) 8.3
Maximum lifting height
Basic jib (m) 13.4
Maximum main jib (m) 73.5
Maximum main jib + fly jib (m) 108
Length of cargo boom
Basic jib 13.4
Maximum main jib (m) 73
Maximum main jib + fly jib (m) 108.2
Maximum fly jib
Operating speed
Maximum rotating speed (m) 1.9
Lifting speed
Main lifting mechanisms (r/min) 130
Auxiliary lifting mechanisms 130
Fly jib winch
Extending and drawing back time of cargo boom
Full extension (s) 600
Full drawing back 600
Luffing time
Arm raising (s) 55
Arm dropping (s)
Deploying and retracting of landing legs– horizontal
Simultaneous deploying (s)
Simultaneous retracting (s)
Deploying and retracting of landing legs– vertical
Simultaneous deploying (s) 100
Simultaneous retracting (s) 70