Asphalt Mixing Plant XLZ210

XLZ210 pavement cold recycling machine is a kind of multifunctional road maintenance equipment. It can upgrade the old asphalt pavement and also applicable to the onsite stabilized soil mixing operation for the subgrade and subbase of highways, urban roads, airports, ports, and parking lots.

• It adopts Weichai WP12N engine, which features advanced fuel system and inlet and exhaust system, National Ⅲ emission standards, strong power and good performance.
• The hydraulic system adopts imported product of world-famous brand, which has the advantages like high allowed pressure, high efficiency, low noise, and complete functions; the pump is integrated with pressure limit valve, high-pressure safety valve, bypass valve and etc, which simplifies the hydraulic system for easy installation and service.
• The working devices can operate near the road shoulder, so that the machine can be widely used; the water spray device with self-suction function is of high measuring accuracy and convenient to operate; the rotor housing of optimized design has small resistance; the specially designed milling and mixing rotor has good quality and strong milling and mixing capability.
• It adopts the Meritor drive axle which has advanced design, reasonable structure, and reliable manufacturing quality.
• The cab is installed at the front which has a wide view; it is equipped with audio system, luxury seat, air conditioner, warm-air blower, and etc. providing a comfortable environment for higher work efficiency.
• The steering system has multiple steering modes like front axle steering, rear axle steering, and combined steering, which increases the effective work time.
• It is also equipped with a high-pressure cleaning device which is convenient to clean the attached scraps and dirt.
• The engine housing made of metal materials features good heat dispersion; the multiple service doors is convenient for the service and maintenance of the engine system.

Product Model XLZ210
Max. milling & mixing width mm 2100
Max. milling & mixing depth mm 400
Milling & mixing rotor No. of blades 174
Rotor diameter mm 1350
Engine Model WP12.460 N
Rated power kW 338
Rated revs rpm 1900
Parameters Work speed m/min 0-2.5
Travel speed km/h 0-18.5
Gradeability % ≥20%(11,3°)
Ground clearance mm 400
Work weight Kg 21000
Capacity Fuel tank L 600
Hydraulic oil tank L 430
Water tank L 600
Working devices Installed in the middle
Travel system Tire
Min. turning radius m 7.35
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 9227×2954×3290