Asphalt Mixing Plant XLZ250

XLZ250 pavement cold recycling machine is a kind of multifunctional road maintenance equipment. It can upgrade the old asphalt pavement and also applicable to the onsite stabilized soil mixing operation for the subgrade and subbase of highways, urban roads, airports, ports, and parking lots.

• Chongqing Cummins engine, large power and high reliability.
• The load-sensing hydraulic system can set the displacement according to requirements of the executive components; the electro-pneumatic proportional control or the switch control features small pressure loss in the system, convenient operation, stable speed, and reliable performance.
• The double axle drive travel system can provide strong traction force, which can meet the requirements of complicated work conditions.
• The working devices can spray water and emulsified asphalt, and it can make multiple ways of construction.
• The power system adopts automatic power distribution technology, which can allocate the engine power reasonably and effectively, and thus ensures the operating performance.
• The color LCD can display the major parameters of the machine, and it can automatically batch in accordance with the required parameters input according to different construction needs, which achieves the intellectual control of the spraying of water and emulsified asphalt.

Product Model XLZ250
Max. milling & mixing width mm 2450
Max. milling & mixing depth mm 450
Milling & mixing rotor No. of blades 208
Rotor diameter mm 1530
Engine Model KTA19-C600
Rated power kW 448
Rated revs rpm 2100
Parameters Work speed m/min 0-2.5
Travel speed km/h 0-10
Gradeability % ≥20%(11,3°)
Ground clearance mm 400
Work weight Kg 29000
Capacity Fuel tank L 800
Hydraulic oil tank L 350
Water tank L 600
Working devices Installed in the middle
Travel system Tire
Min. turning radius m 7.5
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 9963×3231×3539