Bridge Detection Vehicle Truss type – 22m

• The chassis of original Sweden Volvo or homemade Dongfeng Jiefang has strong power; the cab is comfortable and luxurious, suitable for long distance work.
•  The hydraulic system mainly adopts imported parts; and the truss type steel pipe adopts imported Germany high strength products.
•  It takes only one lane during operation, which will not affect the traffic.
•  The self-propelled function improves work efficiency. And it is also equipped with hydraulic driven travel outrigger.

Features of truss type bridge inspection platform

– Slewing structure: the cylinder 90° automatic limit function ensures safe and reliable movement.
– The vertical luffing mechanism can make the boom vertical to the bridge side; the wheeled bracket is easy to extend/withdraw the arm and limit the position of the structure
– Large drift diameter slewing structure; the light ladder is very convenient for the staff to get on/off.
– The imported telescopic motor features stable operation and long life.
– The travel outrigger improves safety and stability at work and also improves work efficiency. And it can travel under hydraulic drive.
– The imported valve ensures the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system.
– The standby Honda engine system ensures that the arm will return when the main power fails.
– The fixed counterweight does not overstep the machine body during operation and does not occupy other lanes, so it does not hinder the normal travel of other vehicles.


Overall length of horizontal work platform 23000mm
Valid length of horizontal work platform 21900mm
Distance over the sidewalk 2500mm
Height over the guardrail 3500mm
Max. load of the work platform 800kg
Max. load of the front end of the telescopic arm 400kg
Thickness of the box beam 8500mm
Drive type Hydraulic
Main power Chassis PTO
Standby power Honda gasoline engine
Chassis Model VOLVO 8×4
Structure of work platform Truss type
Rotation range I 0-90°
Rotation range II 0-180°
Dimension(mm) 12800×2490×3990