Crawler Crane QUY280

   Item unit Data
Base boom t 37
Jib length t 84
Special jib t 90
Special opereration jib KN.m 15000
Max.load moment m 18-87
Base boom length 84
Tower attachment length m 27-60
Jib length m 12-36
Special jib m 18
Special operation jib m 7
Winch single line hoisting speed(with no load,at 6th layer) m/min 137
Boom max.single line elevating speed(at 1st layer) m/min 2×27
Max.swing speed r/min 1.3 speed km/h 1.1
Grade-ability % 30
Mean ground pressure MPa 0.12
Engine output Kw 242
Total mass(with main hook block,18m boom) t 252
Max.weight of single part in transport state t 58
Dimension of single part(turntable) in transport state(L×W×H) m 12.53×3.47×3.46