Crawler Crane XGC15000

• XGC15000 crawler crane is a high-end product developed by our company to meet the hoisting requirement of the large-scale constructions such as coal chemical industry, nuclear power, petrifaction, metallurgy, etc., and participate in the international competition.
• Draw advanced techniques at home and abroad, and apply advanced design methods, featuring structure design optimization and excellent hoisting performance.
• Adopt the crawler chassis and the truss jib with many combinations, which has small ground pressure, large lifting height, high lifting performance, and can travel with load. The tower jib can work near to the constructions. The super-lift device with the variable super-lift counterweight radius can supply strong lifting performance and flexibility.
• The program control system ensures the safe working of the crane.
• The closed pump-control variable hydraulic system and the electronic proportional operation is energy efficient and controls precisely.
• Adopt the electronic control parts, power parts, and drive parts of the international famous enterprises, which is environmental friendly and reliable.
Item  Unit Parameter
Max. lifting capacity t 1000
Standard working condition Heavy boom length m 30~96
Light boom length m 48~114
Tower jib length m 30~96
Super-lift working condition Heavy Boom length m 42~120
Light Boom length m 90~150
Tower jib length m 30-108
Special jib length m 18
Max. single line lifting speed m/min 130
Max. single line speed of boom luffing m/min 53×2
Max. single line speed of tower boom luffing m/min 125
Max. single line speed of super-lift luffing m/min 130
Swing speed r/min 0.9
Travel speed km/h 0.8
Average ground pressure MPa 0.156
Gradeability % 30
Engine power kW 641
Overall weight(30m heavy boom、1000t hook) t 850
Max. single unit weight for transportation t 59
Max. single unit dimensions for transportation (L×W×H) m 5.9×3.4×3.12