Detachable container garbage collector XZJ5160ZXX

The garbage truck produced by XCMG Group is a kind of special sanitation vehicle. The product is more economic and energy-saving, flexible and highly efficient, and it is especially applicable to the garbage handling work in populated areas in cooperation with garbage transfer station.
Chassis model DFL1160BX2
Wheel base 4500mm
Front /rear suspension 1430/1549mm
Approaching/departure 20/15.3°
Dimension (L×W×H) 7479×2436×3038(mm)
Max. gross weight 16000kg
Curb weight 6640kg
Rated load 9165kg
Lifting capacity 10000kg
Height of hook center 1570mm
Track width of the box 1070mm
Max. tilt angle ≥48°
Max. hydraulic pressure 18Mpa
Hooking time ≤60s
Unload time ≤60s