Foldable bridge inspecting vehicle XZJ5230JQJ12

• Dual power system
• Imported hydraulic system
• Original imported remote controller
• Proportional operation
• hydraulic servo leveling of the work platform
• Monitoring of the whole process of axle repair
• Real time load monitoring of the work platform

Features of the boom type bridge inspecting platform:

– Control valve: the imported proportional control valve has good anti-contamination ability, flexible response, and superior proportional performance.
– Dual power system: the unique dual power design is more safe and convenient; the 30 KW standby generator can provide power for the special equipment when there is engine failure and provide power for the bridge inspection tools.
– Monitoring system: the imported monitoring system can monitor the underbridge work condition from inside the cab and records the inspection items for analysis and reference.
– Balance valve: the imported balance valve ensures the stable and safe operation.
– Load limit system: it can make real time monitoring of the operating platform, make overload alarm and lock related dangerous operation to ensure the safety of inspection work.
– Remote controller: the originally imported remote controller and receiver features simple and comfortable operation, wireless or wired control; and the valid distance for wireless remote control is 100 meters.
– Outrigger stabilizer: the unique wheeled support not only ensures the stability of the whole vehicle, but also makes it possible to travel during the underbridge inspection work, which greatly improves the efficiency.
– Counterweight: the retractable counterweight ensures stable operation and balances the load at rear axle, which prolongs the service life of the chassis.



Underbridge horiziontal working radius


Underbridge vertical working radius


Main boom span width


Rotate range of rotation I

0 ~90°

Rotate range of rotation II


Rated load of platform


Chassis model


Overall dimension