K-Series Wheel Loader

LW300KN Inheritance of classic and high maturity and stability

Product Overview

As an outstanding representative of the industry’s super-heavy-duty models, LW300KN boasts remarkable advantages in terms of “High energy-conservation, efficiency, reliability, and comfort” compared with industry’s like products and is extensively applicable for earthmoving projects, aggregate yards, municipal constructions, and other bulk material transports.

XCMG’s exclusive technologic advantages 

XCMG’s exclusive energy-conservation technology – The perfect combination between XCMG’s patented energy-conservation drive system and low speed energy-conservation engine builds the one and only 3t energy-conservation product in the industry, with the economy superior by >10% to the industry’s like products.

XCMG’s patented lubrication technology – The transmission is applied with the XCMG’s patented optimal lubrication system design technology to thoroughly improve the industry’s difficulties of insufficient and non-uniform transmission lubrications and make the transmission life remarkably leading the industry.

XCMG’s patented high strength frame – With the application of the XCMG’s exclusive high strength single plate beam skeleton structure, the “load-carrying material ratio” is remark ably leading the industry products.

XCMG’s unique structure design – The extended wheelbase and the classic 3rd generation loader structure realize higher working capacity, smaller turning radius,

and lower wear of rear wheels.

High firmness and reliability

XCMG’s patented heavy-duty drive system assembly

The ZL50 planetary transmission is equipped and the imported parts are applied for critical carrying locations. The transmission lubrication system is optimally designed by test system and methods of XCMG’s patented technologies so that the lubricating oil volume is distributed on-demand to thoroughly improve the industry’s difficulties of insufficient and non-uniform transmission lubrications and make the transmission life remarkably leading the industry.

The drive shaft flanges are of DIN and SAE standard specifications and the distribution diameter of the fastening bolts is enlarged to realize super-strong torsion resistance and adapt to severe working conditions.

All load-carrying portions of the drive axle are solid and firm enough to ensure excellent overload resistance and meet the needs of diversified high strength and high load operations.

Box frame structure of super-strong carrying capacity

Comprehensive optimized working device

High energy-conservation and efficiency

As the sole low speed engine energy-conservation product among the industry’s 3t loaders, it’s leading the industry’s energy-conservation trend.

High safety and comfort 

The full-view cab sufficiently takes in consideration the human-machine functions to realize high operation safety and comfort

Convenient maintenances

Undertaking the concept of “ground maintenances”, all maintenance locations are scientifically arranged to ease the checking and maintenances.

Variety attached tools meeting requirements of different working conditions

Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 3000 kg
Bucket capacity 1.5~2.5
Machine weight 10900±200 kg
Dump clearance at maximum lift 2770~3260 mm
Reach at maximum lift 1010~1210 mm
Wheel base 2900 mm
Tread 1850 mm
Height of hinge at maximum lift height 3830 mm
Working height(fully lifted) 4870 mm
Max.breakout force 130 kN
Max.horse power 95 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 5.4 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 9.3 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5170 mm
Articulation angle 38±1 °
Gradeability 28 °
Tyre size 17.5-25-12PR
Overall machine dimension L×W×H 7245×2482×3320
Model WP6G125E201
Emission standards Emission 2
Rated Power/Speed 92/2200 kW/rpm
Fuel Tank 170 L
Hydraulic Tank 175 L
Travel speed Ⅰ-gear(F/R) 12/16 km/h
Ⅱ-gear(F/R) 38/- km/h
Structure and specification are subject to change without notice.In case there is any difference between the description of the machine and the substantial machine,the substantial machine should govern.