large excavator XE490CH

As a caterpillar one-bucket backhoe type specially developed for alpine areas, the XE490CH hydraulic excavator can be applied to the cold plateau regions at an altitude of more than 2000m, mainly used in mining and other large-scale earthwork construction, and also used for municipal construction, highway bridges, housing construction, road engineering and other project construction. This machine is configured an original imported engine featuring strong power and low fuel consumption, able to satisfy the requirement for high efficiency operations, fully meet the environmental emissions and noise control standards as the current world requires and achieve super-strong low-speed working capacity of the implements by virtue of its ultimately optimized system matching; it is configured with a 2.2m³ plateau-oriented bucket or a digging bucket/scarifier to complete permafrost mining; besides, it is equipped with a cold starter able to heat the coolant and engine oil before the machine is started to ensure smooth startup; moreover, its structural panels use Q345D steel plates with the local structure strengthened, so that the machine could adapt to the requirements for working in the heavy-load and ultra-cold environment.

Operation weight
Bucket capacity
Output power
Bucket digging force
Max. digging height
Max. digging depth
Max. digging reach