large excavator XE500CA

By virtue of the new ESS microcomputer power control system with the core technology independently researched and developed by XCMG, the XE500CA crawler hydraulic excavator always can maintain its best efficiency and economy in different operating states and match the pump power again in accordance with the operation altitude to guarantee its normal work; its hydraulic system has integrated the latest research results of world-famous companies and considered the energy loss as far as possible to ensure the optimal performance of the complete machine with reasonable matching focused to give full play of the machine use performance; by virtue of its completely independent cooling control technology, it can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature of the hydraulic oil and coolant to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption; the bench test and simulation analysis methods are adopted for design optimization of the key structural members to effectively improve the strength and durability; moreover, the design of the modular shed frame structure has simplified the connection and achieved more even stress. As a model featuring wide applications, sufficient flexibility, high construction efficiency and perfect mining capacity in accordance with the North America and Euro-III emission standards, this machine can be widely used in mining and large-scale earthwork engineering at -15℃~40℃.

Operation weight
Bucket capacity
Output power
Bucket digging force
Max. digging height
Max. digging depth
Max. digging reach