Mini-excavator XE80C

The complete machine is mainly used for landscaping, urban construction, pipeline laying, river dredging and other working conditions. The complete machine adopts an ISUZU turbocharged engine, featuring low noise and sufficient low-speed torque reserve. Its world-famous hydraulic components can offer high system reliability. By virtue of its load sensitive hydraulic system, the flow output of the constant-power variable pump always can meet the need of the valve element opening and the complete machine can provide lower energy consumption, better handling and easily available fine operation by perfectly matching the engine. The new type of electric control system adopts a color large-size screen able to offer complete instrument display, with the function of “self-diagnosis” provided. In addition, this machine is also equipped with the standard function of “automatic idling” able to effectively reduce the fuel consumption and environmental noise. The newly-reinforced work device can provide higher reliability, as well as powerful digging force of the bucket and bucket rod. The application of the latest bucket can further speed up unloading operation. It also has standard high-power air conditioning, new suspension seat, cup holder, magazine bag, storage box, standby power interface and other comfortable and humanized configurations. The full-open side door and rear hood can provide easy access to the points for daily maintenance and service. The optional rubber tracks, quartering hammers, hydraulic vibrating tamper, rotary excavating drill, deep ditch-oriented bucket, quick changers and other auxiliary equipment have significantly improved its capacity for dealing with all kinds of working conditions.

Operation weight
Bucket capacity
Output power
Bucket digging force
Max. digging height
Max. digging depth
Max. digging reach