Telescopic Handlers – XC6-3006K/XC6-3007K/XC6-3514K

Product Overview

XC6 is the latest XCMG’ agricultural version telehandler which features the highest operation simplicity, safety and efficiency. The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and continuously variable drive technology achieve more stable and reliable operations. The intelligent independent cooling system features high energy-saving and efficiency.


The panoramic cab and the XCMG’s visual identity appearance design feature good fashion and  elegance.

With compact short wheelbase and lateral engine arrangement, this machine features high handinessand flexibility.

The integrated static-pressure stepless variable drive system realizes full speed range drive and stable driving.

The four-wheel drive and multiple steering modes (including four-wheel, two-wheel, and crab steering modes) realize super-strong off-road capability and adapt to diversified working conditions.

The frame leveling function equipped (XC6-3514K) realizes powerful site adaptability and meets the needs of diversified working conditions.

The inching control technology and special overload control system are applied to achieve high operation safety and reliability.

The electro-hydraulic proportional control for the working system features accurate, stable, and efficient operations.

The advanced human-machine interactivity, intelligent heat dissipation system, and dedusting control system embody high technologic sense and intelligence.

This machine can be equipped with diversified attachments, including aerial platform, bucket, and bale clamp, to meet the users’ individual needs.

Unit XC6-3006K XC6-3007K XC6-3514K
Gross weight kg 7250 7450 10500
Engine power kW 90 90 74.9
Rated load kg 3000 3000 3500
Effective load at maximum
forward reach
kg 1250 1250 635
Maximum lifting height mm 6200 6950 13700
Maximum forward reach mm 2990 3690 9600
Center distance of load mm 500 500 600
Luffing angle ° -3~65 -3~65 -4~73
Fork angle ° 90~18 90~18 90~18
Maximum traction force kN ≥55 ≥55 ≥55
Gradeability ° ≥25 ≥25 ≥25
Maximum traveling speed km/h 40* 40* 30
Turning radius mm ≤4020 ≤4020 ≤4750
Braking distance m ≤8 ≤8 ≤8
Overall length mm 4620 4820 6380
Overall width mm 2355 2355 2500
Overall height mm 2415 2460 2740
Wheelbase mm 2850 2850 2980
Wheel tread mm 1920 1920 2060
Fork length mm 1000 1000 1200
Bale clamp diameter mm 800-1800 800-1800 800-1800
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Configuration: 405/70-20TL, with maximum speed at 35km/h
Configuration: 405/70-24TL, with maximum speed at 40km/h