TJ900 bridge erector TJ900

 Parameters of TJ900-ton brige girder erection machine TJ900
Paramters of operation performance(name of product parameter type)
Maximum lifting capacity(Name of product parameter) t(Unit) 900
Applicable span m 32,24,20
Applicable minimum radius of curve m 2500
Retractable length of front outrigger m 1.6
Working level of the machine A3
Working level of each mechanism M4
Applicalbe maximum longitudinal slope 20
Applicalbe maximum horizontal slope 40
lifting altitude m 7
Operating power Span/h Feb.8th
Rideability parameters
Range of horizontal/longitudianl fine tuning for overhead traveling crane mm ±250
Longitudinal movemnet speed of girder transporter m/min Heavy load 0-3.0
non-load 0-5.0
Lifting speed of overhead traveling crane m/min Heavy load 0-0.5
non-load 0-1.0
Hole-through speed of bridge girder erection machine m/min 0-3.0
Through-hole speed of nose girder machine m/min 0-3.0
Maximum through-hole wheel pressure of bridge girder erection machine Mpa 466
Operating power Span/h Feb.8th
Quality parameters
self weight of the machine t 530
Dimensions of the machine (length×width×height) m 60.84×17.1×12.68
Dimensions of nose girder erection machine m 36×17.7×6.36
Track gauge/wheel base of overhead traveling crane for nose girder m 5.58/2
Track gauge/wheel base of noise girder crane  m 7.25/1.75