TJ900 bridge erector TJ900S

Cross-tunnel Fixed Position Hoist Type

The bridge erector is a kind of special crane. It can make 3 dimensional movements: up & down, left to right, back and forth, and it can also make free movement on the bridge pier. The machine can pass the tunnel without being disassembled and it can be assembled 6 meters in the front/ at the back of the tunnel. During the installation, the overall structure and flexible front outriggers, and the rigid rear outriggers support the main beam with 2 supporting points, which forms the simple-supported structure, featuring explicit and stable stress; hoisting at fixed location makes safe and reliable operation and higher efficiency.

The girder launcher, auxiliary crown blocks and outriggers work together to make the girder launcher pass the hole and make the hole passing of the bridge erector in simple-supported condition, thus it has good longitudinal stability and high safety.

The two crown blocks work together to move the girder, featuring synchronized hoist and conveying, and horizontal fine movement. The hoist of the girder adopts 4 points hoist and 3 points balance, featuring good stress condition and hoisting stability.

The span change of bridge erector can be conveniently adjusted, and the girder erection and transport operation is separated, which has high efficiency; Two sets of operation devices are available i.e. special cab and wireless remote control, which achieves simple operation, high safety and reliability; the girder horizontal fine adjustment function makes convenient centering and accurate lowering.

 Parameters of TJ900-ton brige girder erection machine TJ900S
Paramters of operation performance(name of product parameter type)
Maximum lifting capacity(Name of product parameter) t(Unit) 900
Applicable span m 32,24,20
Applicable minimum radius of curve m 2000
Retractable length of front outrigger m 1.6
Working level of the machine A3
Working level of each mechanism M4
Applicalbe maximum longitudinal slope 20
Applicalbe maximum horizontal slope 40
lifting altitude m 7
Operating power Span/h Feb.7th
Rideability parameters
Range of horizontal/longitudianl fine tuning for overhead traveling crane mm ±250
Longitudinal movemnet speed of girder transporter m/min Heavy load 0-3.0
non-load 0-5.0
Lifting speed of overhead traveling crane m/min Heavy load 0-0.5
non-load 0-1.0
Hole-through speed of bridge girder erection machine m/min 0-3.02
Through-hole speed of nose girder machine m/min 0-3.0
Maximum through-hole wheel pressure of bridge girder erection machine Mpa 466
Operating power Span/h Feb.7th
Quality parameters
self weight of the machine t 568
Dimensions of the machine (length×width×height) m 62.8×17.1×10.7
Dimensions of nose girder erection machine m 35.5×15.6×5.2
Track gauge/wheel base of overhead traveling crane for nose girder m 5.58/2
Track gauge/wheel base of noise girder crane  m 7.25/1.75