Truck-mounted crane with foldable arm SQ3.2ZK1

Model SQ3.2ZK1 Unit
Max Lifting Moment 6.72 t.m
Max Lifting Capacity 3200 kg
Recommend Power Needed At Recommend Oil Flow 14 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 25 L/min
Rated Pressure Of Hydraulic System 22 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 60 L
Rotation Angle 370
Crane Weight 1100 kg
Installation Space 850 mm
Choice of Chassis EQ1092FJ1;EQ1092FJ;NKR77PLLWCJAY ;DFL1120B D530;EQ1081GJ12D5;HFC1083K103R1D;EQ1092F3GJ1;EQ5121GFJ;
SQ3.2ZK1 Lifting capability diagram
Working radius (m) 2.1 4.15 5.8
Lifting capacity (kg) 3200 1400 1000