TY900 Transporting girder vehicle TY900 (17 Axles)

The beam transport trailer is a high-tech product integrated“Mechanical-electric-hydraulic-pneumatic” technology. It adopts hydrostatic closed loop drive, full hydraulic suspension system, full hydraulic independent steering, as well as hydraulic lifting and descending and  automatic leveling system. It adopts industrial computer to control the drive, steering, lifting/descending, and leveling. At the same time, it has multiple operating modes, such as straight travel, inclined travel, splitting steering, and semi-splitting steering. The whole machine runs flexibly; it can achieve non-skid or slightly skid travel, and it can work at limited sites.

The product adopts fixed position beam feeding, dual-movable sleeper beam support and it can feed and transport the box beam over the bridge erector. Driven by servo variable frequency motor, it can make stepless speed regulation, which ensures safety of the vehicle and the bridge erector. The cab features complete front and rear vision, 90° rotation, and double operation interlock.

It adopts universal standard parts, and the main parts all adopt products of famous brand. The comprehensive performance and technical index has achieved internationally advanced level.

Designed according to the modular design concept, considering the transport and on-site assembly condition, it can meet the transport requirements for common highway, railroad, and waterway when it is disassembled.

Rated Load 900000kg
Weight 280000kg
Axle base 2050mm
Wheel base 4350/1200mm
Min.turning radius 33m/25m
Amt.of axis/suspension 17/34
Amt.of drive axle/brake axle/driven axle 6/6/5
Speed Empty load 0-12km/h, Full load0-5km/h
Gradeability Longitudinal 5%,Transverse 4%
Tyre Spec./Amt. 23.5R25/68
Rim Spec./Amt. 22.00/3.0/68
Ground pressure (full load) ≤0.6MPa
Power 400kw×2 sets
Vertical axis compensation ±300mm
Work mode Straight travel, inclined travel, splitting steering, parking
Dimension 44500×6150×3525±300(Middle position)