XS-Series Road roller XS202E

XS182-I/XS202-I single drum vibratory compactor is a super heavy-duty vibratory compactor. It can be used to the compaction of base layer, hypo-base layer, and fill construction, becoming an optimal compacting equipment in the constructions of high-grad roads, high-speed railway, airports, ports, dams, railways, dams, and construction sites. It adopts large power engine and anti-slip hydraulic drive system, having a good adaptability in the plateau and desert.

Power system
Shangchai D6114 engine features large power reserve, low oil consumption and noise.
Drive system
Adopt the closed hydraulic system composed by imported variable pump and motor, ensuring the good driving performance and high gradeability. Four-gear infinitely variable speed ensures the optimum speed in corresponding working condition.
The joint-venture heavy-duty drive axle with anti-slip differential can distribute the torque according to the road condition, ensuring that the compactor can supply the maximum traction force in various working conditions.
Vibration system
The closed hydraulic system composed by imported variable pump and motor, dual frequency and dual amplitude vibrating system and scientific and reasonable static linear load and excitation force ensure the effective compaction of different materials and layers with different thicknesses.
Brake system
The brake system consists of wet brakes and the static brake of the closed hydraulic system; include service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake to ensure the safety.
Vibratory drum
The vibratory drum adopts internal drum vibration chamber which has simple structure, high intensity, and good rigidity. It features dual frequency and dual vibration, large static linear pressure and excitation force, and high working efficiency. The imported special vibrating bearing has long service life and high reliability.
Failure alarm system
The alarm device on the instrument panel can supply maintenance information at any time, avoiding the equipment damage, and shortening the downtime.
Operation system and cab
According to the ergonomics theory, all meters, indicators and buttons are centered on the operation panel. The throttle handle and FWD/REV handle are put on the right side to improve the sense of comfort.
The well-sealed cab is equipped with an air conditioner, radio and suspended chair, together with large space and broad view inside, supplying a safe and comfortable operating environment for the drivers.
Wide-opening tilt-forward engine hood makes all the maintenance parts in sight.

Item Unit XS202-I
Operation weight kg 20000
Front axle load kg 13500
Static linear load kg/mm 621
Vibration frequency Hz 28/33
Nominal amplitude mm 1.86/0.93
Excitation force kN 370/255
SpeedⅠ km/h 0~4
km/h 0~5
km/h 0~6.4
km/h 0~10
Theoretical gradeability % 50
Min. turning radius (internal) mm 4370
Engine model   SC8D190.1G2
Rated power kW 140
Rated speed rpm 2200
Dimension (Length ×Width× Height) mm 6222×2390×3077