XCMG has always been the leading construction machinery manufacturer and provider in China for 19 years since its establishment in March 1989. Now it ranks 1st in China construction machinery industry and 10th in the world construction machinery industry, 73th of Top 500 China Manufacturers,151th of Top 500 China Enterprises. XCMG is the first China Well-Known Brand of China construction machinery industry.

XCMG is the most competitive and influential construction machinery conglomerate in China with its most complete assortment and series of high-quality construction machinery including construction lifting equipment , road machinery, road and maintenance machinery, compaction equipment , loaders, bulldozers and graders, excavators , concrete pump machinery, railway construction, aerial fire-fighting equipment, special dedicated vehicles, special chassis, trucks and other host and engineering mechanical parts. Most of XCMG products are market leaders both domestically and internationally in terms of market share. 70% XCMG products achieved the leading technical level domestically and 20% internationally.
XCMG has a National-Grade Technology Center and an R&D Institute, 15th of Top China Enterprise Technology Centers. XCMG has its own sales network all over the world and more than 100 oversea dealers can provide consulting and sales and after-sales services to local customers.

XCMG Vision: To be a world-class construction machinery conglomerate with great competitive power and make all Chinese people be proud of XCMG

XCMG Core Values: Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting with Great Morals and Making Great Achievements
XCMG Spirit: Be Strict, Progressive and Creative
XCMG Strategic Growth Targets: To make business income of RMB 50 billion and on Top 10 World Construction Machinery Manufacturers in 2010; and RMB 100 billion and Top 5 in 2015.

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